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About BC!Downloader

BC!Downloader is a utility to download free EOD (end-of-day) and historical stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance and create Metastock binary compatabile database. Any technical analysis tools (e.g. Metastock™, Advanced GET, Tradstation...etc) that support metastock file format can use the data directly, it's the simplest one-stop solution that you ever needed!

BC!Downloader is designed with simplicity and user friendliness in mind. With just a few clicks your data would be ready, and you can save the time and effort to focus on the analysis, without missing any profit opportunities!


Support Computrac/Metastock format (MASTER/EMASTER/DAT/DOP) files.

Create/Update/Delete of securities records supported.

Export to ASCII files supported.

Automatically adjust OPEN/HIGH/LOW/CLOSE based on Adjusted Close.

Automatically update multiple folders with a single click.

Simple installation. Your PC's registry won't be modified; uninstall is clean and easy.

Download any historical quote supported by Yahoo! Finance.

Let's try now!

Why not download and try it yourself? Your feedback is important to us, please sent recommendations/ suggestions to feedback@basecomp.net.